Wondering while Wandering…

an artist’s limp toward finding ‘Radiance Through the Rain’


‘May the Rain of Suffering Soften Our Hearts,

Seeping Radiance to Our Thirsty Places.’

J. Douglas Thompson© 2023


…we, as chosen and trusted, sent one’s to deliver healing, installed as small islands within another nation enclosed in adversarial territory. We speak, appealing to their best sensibilities to come and join the eternal festival…

Proverbs 13:17; 2 Corinthians 5: 20 paraphrase JDT


Things That Were and Yet to Come


To remember

To recall

To taste

To swirl them all.


And this I paint

As mind unearth’s

Those pictures fine

Once taken when

On distant shores

My eyes roved wide

And saw and captured

Yes, each side

Those passing scenes

That rolled so fair

And those I saved


Mind’s eye

And banked them well

To then retell

At will,

To spill

Them forth

On canvas blank

As sharing gifts with those

Who wished, but never could.


It fills me rich

To capture stills

And movement thrills

As in my mind

I sit

In darkness to imbibe

The smells

And sights

The tastes

Just right

And hear the sounds

That ring at night

That touch my soul

And yes my skin

With long delight.


And yet…

It seems my mind

In constant whirl

Demands to know

That if,

As we recall,

So also could we then install

Our future hopeful thoughts

Of deep

Imaginations wrought

And dive the depths

To where we touch

The Spirits

Careful care they’ve brought

To, yes, that special place

Where only do we know

With them

Where gravity is there and then,

Suspended here or not,

Without a thought

We float, we fly

And laugh, goodbye

Our worries past,

Our anxious thoughts forever dashed

The joy of being ever-last.


A place

Me thinks

Where surf and sand co-mingle one

And light and breezes touch that shore

And we are left forevermore

And can’t ignore

The play of joy brought to the fore

Which leaves us breathless evermore

As we together seem to soar

With them the

Three in one,

That triune dance


To be undone

As on that everlasting shore

A sense, of peace intense, so sweet

We rest

Our souls

In satiated,



We find, we are

At last at home

With those

The three

And those

We loved

So long before

And those to be

That future ‘We’

Forever free


In every way


J. Douglas Thompson, © 2023


‘The Beach’ 40 X 60, Acrylic on Canvas, © J. D. Thompson